Vote November 4th to Support Measure M
and Restore Library Hours

Thanks in large part to our petitions and the hundreds of you who wrote and called our Supervisors, an end to our libraries’ worst funding crisis in history is in sight. This week Sonoma County voters will receive ballots containing Measure M. If 2/3 of us vote to pass it, our County Library system will be transformed with $10 million of additional funds for each of the next ten years. Libraries will reopen Mondays and evenings, while adding children, teen and senior programs, improved collections, technology, and facility repairs.

Measure M is a tiny 1/8 of 1% sales tax. This will cost just 12 cents for every $100 of taxable items, amounting to under 50 cents a month for a family of avid library users like mine.

You can read more details and learn more about how you can help support Measure M at the Committee’s website:

An end to our library crisis is within reach, and with it, a bright future for our beloved libraries.